Bemuah Royal pharmacy is the pharmacy department of Bemuah Royal Hospital.


Opening Hours

we are opened from 8am to 8pm


what we stand for:

1.Quality medications                                                                                                      

our medications and non-medical products are   sourced mainly from the USA and other accredited suppliers in Ghana.                                                                                                                                                                             


Availability of a qualified and experience  pharmacist and other staff to attend to you and your needs.


3.Timely service                                                                                    

We deliver our excellent service in the shortest time.                          


4.Competitive prices

Our prices are very competitive compared to the general pharmaceutical market.


 Insurance Participation

we also participate in both local and International  Health insurances.For a list of

available insurances  refer to our  insurance page.



  1.OPD medications

  2.IPD medications

  3.Respiratory apparatus/equipment like  Nebulizer,face mask,spacers etc.

  4.Counseling on all medications.


Contact us on 0302 543652,0233663636.HOTLINE: 026 424 6817

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